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alcohol-induced rambles
i fucking hate my life

no seriously. it fucking... look i try and try and try to get a fucking demon to make a deal with me. dean is better at all this shit than i am and so he should be the one here fighting shit.

he did this for me. well fuck that. he should be here and i should be dead and i would've traded places with him in a second. even now knowing what happened, vaguely, no real idea cause how can you really know that shit if you haven't gone through it i know i would still do it. i would trade places with him if i could.

also, uriel sucks lucifer's cock. seriously. he's such a dick. maybe he's such a dick 'cause he takes it up the ass so much?

...i am very drunk, by the way. vanilla vodka seems like a stupid girly drink, but it's fucking yummy. mmmmm vodka. ruby approves of vodka. usually.


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