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[justprompts] 10 Things You Should Know...
justpromptsTen things you think a lover should be aware of before getting involved with you.

10. I'm not particularly fun to share a bed with. I snore a tiny bit, and I have a terrible habit of mummifying myself in the blankets, making it pretty much impossible to get them untangled unless you wake me up. Though that's not too hard.

9. I sleep with a gun under my pillow. No, you can't convince me not to. It's a basic security measure for me.

8. My mom is dead, I haven't spoken to my dad in nearly four years, my brother and I hunt monsters to keep people safe, to get revenge for that, and so on. I hunt to keep what happened to my last girlfriend from happening again, to other people. And I'm sort of an anti-christ. Thing. Go figure. And on the anti-christ topic, sometimes I have prophetic dreams. They're never the nice kind, like "sometime soon, we'll go out for a picnic and it won't rain or anything". They're all nasty. I might wake up screaming.

7. I might try to over-analyse trivial parts of our relationship and ignore important parts even when they should be analysed. I guess I'm just fucked up that way.

6. With guys, I like to top. With girls, I like to bottom. This is another part of me that I have avoiding psychoanalysing, but that's just how it is.

5. I like to cuddle. This is very important.

4. No, I will not let you drizzle anything on me and lick it off. Licking is so not sexy, especially the kind you have to employ to get honey and other sticky things off of a person.

3. My brother and I might look like hicks, but we're not. Well, maybe Dean. I went to Stanford, pre-law, and passed my LSATs with plenty of room to spare. I just never got a chance to go to law school.

2. I like hamburgers. Especially after sex. It's just a thing - I get an endorphin rush and then I crave cow in a big way.

1. The likelihood that one of us will die within a couple of years is pretty high. Demons and other beings of that sort kind of hate me, and if they think they can get away with killing or hurting you and not get caught, they just might. Or I might just die. It's a constant concern in my line of work. I like to pretend it's not, but it always hovers in the back of my mind.


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